Thank you for your interest in JCI2JCI

Why should you support us?

Our aim is to establish JCI2JCI as a worldwide platform for JCI members. We need your support to achieve this: without partners and sponsors, we cannot develop JCI2JCI and turn it into an effective platform for trade and services. The advertising income and donations are used exclusively to promote JCI2JCI and to cover its operating costs. This includes running information stands at national and international conferences, organizing promotional campaigns targeted at appropriate events and placing ads.

We are currently able to offer you the following advertising platforms

- logo or banner presence on our Facebook page ( - banners of various sizes on the JCI2JCI homepage - logo or editorial advertising in newsletters distributed to our members(JCI2JCI) - logo on our advertising materials (posters, flyers) - advertising materials for distribution at our information stands If you wish, we will be happy to send you all of the relevant information, together with our latest prices. You can contact us at We will also be happy to put together an advertising package specifically for you.

Voluntary work

100% of the income generated from advertising and sponsorship flows into the JCI2JCI project. All of the work for the project is carried out on a voluntary basis; in other words, no money is spent on wages.